Monday, 31 August 2009

For BJ - George Strait!

Now in truth till my friend BJ recently told me he was a favourite of hers, I'd always associated country artist George Straits with Nellie in Prairieland & the near fatal accident we shared, driving back from Saskatoon to Dodge in March '07 - he was playing when the truck hit us!
But, if BJ rates him, I am prepared to give him another chance.
So, for her 2nd Wedding Anniversary I host this one!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

'The Runaway Train'!

This song takes me back to my early childhood in the late 1950's.
My Mother had a portable wind-up gramophone with horn, and a collection of 45's.
One record was 'The Runaway Train'.
We use to play it often!
Since we lived in a steam railway community, this video fits the bill perfectly.

Friday, 28 August 2009

The Ukulele Orchestra of GB!

Angie in Australia - a regular participant in My True Colours Thursday's meme, the other day on her blog, brought my attention to the previously unheard of Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.
From the following two clips taken from their DVD, their 'Live' shows must be pretty entertaining...

I particularly enjoyed this routine...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A Donkey Escape Artist!

I said earlier here, I much prefer Donkeys to Horses.
So, seeing this clever one @ the Donkey Sanctuary, is delightful fun...

A childhood friend Timmy had a Donkey as a pet, @ first he so enthusiastic about caring for Ella.
But soon, it was only my Mother & I who went along to give her, her daily Carrots & nose rub.
Then she suddenly disappeared, her paddock was empty!
For ages Mother would not tell me what happened to her.
She came to an awfully tragic end.
Someone carelessly left the her paddock gate open, she went exploring the country lanes & was hit by delivery van, that resulted in her trotting off to greener pastures but very sadly via the horrible Knackers Yard!
I cried, Timmy when I went to see him about her said...'So What!'.
Hence, an early friendship ended!!!
Only once, regrettably in Paris, have I eaten Horse meat, the meal was over before I realised the true nature of my steak.
I was mortified!

A happier childhood memory, is Donkey rides on the beach @ Weymouth on the south coast.
Yes this me on 'Blackie' with my Mother in 1959 or there abouts...
...And, I still always laugh with pleasure when I meet any one being well loved & cared for!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Las Vegas - The Fountains of Bellagio!

One of the memourable delights of my Las Vegas trip this March, to met Little Buddy, was watching almost several times daily, The Bellagio Hotel & Casino's dancing fountains, the night-time shows being perhaps,the most speactacular...

Monday, 24 August 2009

War of the Worlds - The Album!

Since I listened yesterday for the umpteen time to Jeff's Wayne's 'War of the Worlds', I'm repeating an old 'Favourite Things' post, now with the addition of a couple of fine YouTube videos - I do so admire the creative talent of some of these film makers!

I read the science fiction novel, 'War of the Worlds', written in 1898 by H G Wells, as a child.
The story that relates the invasion of the Earth by aliens from Mars has inspired many adaptations, including what is now considered one of the most famous Radio broadcasts ever.
Directed & narrated by Orson Welles, the radio play 'War of the Worlds' was aired on CBS in the United States, on the eve of Halloween, in 1938.
It caused national panic; as the first half of the 60-minute broadcast was presented as a series of simulated news bulletins, which suggested to the listeners that a Martian invasion was in progress right across America.

Jeff Wayne's 1978 musical version returns to the stories original setting, England, in the early twentieth century.
The unnamed narrator, [the late Sir Richard Burton with his unmistakable, deep, charismatic voice], a journalist, notes a series flares erupting from the surface of Mars.
Nights later, a meteor lands on a near by common & he's amongst the first to discover the object's a mysterious cylinder...

The cylinder opens to reveal Martians: bulky, tentacled creatures that begin setting up strange machinery in the cylinder's impact crater.
All human intervention is incinerated instantly by the Heat Ray!
After this attack, the narrator recalls his love Carrie in London & sets off in search of her, only to discover more cylinders have fallen & the Martian 'Fighting Machines' are everywhere.
By the time he reaches London, Carrie has gone, which is when Justin Hayward sings 'Forever Autumn' an all time favourite track of mine...

The narrator finally sees Carrie aboard a small steamer fleeing England, the Martians attack but are, before it's destroyed, distracted by 'Thunder Child' a fighting Navel vessel, & the steamer escapes.
The Martian red weed creeps across the landscape.
And, all seems lost.
Then the invasion unexpectedly fails because of the Earths micro-organisms, that attack & kill the Martians.
The album cleverly closes, as the next generation of flares are seen leaving Mars & NASA tracking stations around the globe mysteriously go off line, one by one by one.
The tales brilliantly done, is a feast of sounds and always conquers up powerful imagery in my minds eye, which is why I found the 2005 film version staring Tom Cruise such a huge disappointment.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Tom Jones - I'll Never Fall in Love Again!

I wasn't looking for singer Tom Jones, but coming across a video of him - not this one, I immediately thought of my good & loyal Prairieland friend Wilma - she's a seriously devoted fan of his, who is convalescing far too slowly by her own standards, after invasive surgery and preceding months of pain & worry.
So, this is for her, as I hope she's soon able to enjoy laughing & life to the full again soon.

The song is also a personal favourite of mine.
And, had Tom Jones been performing in Las Vegas when I was there this March, I would have dragged a kicking & screaming in protest Little Buddy to his show, as he is a consummate performer & I love to see him 'Live'!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

A Ragdoll Cat's Dream!

This treat is from crackonoon, who also made yesterday's 'GoD And DoG!' video, which is how I came across it.
She writes as a preface "Ragdoll Cats sleep in hilarious positions because they have wild dreams. This is 'Brigadoon', he's dreaming again..."

Friday, 21 August 2009

Somewhere over the Rainbow!

Having captured a rainbow photograph this morning, and with this song running through my head as a consequence, had to find the Judy Garland clip from the 'The Wizard of Oz' [1939] movie.
This one with foreign sub-titles is the only authentic cut from the film available.
I've watched this movie all my life & consider it a timeless classic.
Beside which, I just love little Toto.

GoD And DoG!

Now I am not believer, I wish I did have faith but I don't.
However, I came across this original music video by Wendy Francisco, over @ The Rocky Creek Scotties, and thought it was a delight.
It seems Wendy has been recording for many years, but this is the first time she has animated one of her own songs.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

'Miracle of the White Horses'!

When I posted earlier re the TV programe & theme tune 'White Horses', it also triggered another memory, about a Disney film featuring The Vienna Spanish Riding School & their wonderful Lippanzer horses.
With recollections vague I went in search of it on YouTube and was not disappointed.
The film 'Miracle of the White Stallions' (1963) is based on a true story.
The following plot synopsis is courtesy of the video maker elmonjeblanco.

"Actor Robert Taylor is Colonel Alois Podhajsky, the instructor and the director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, whose Lipizzan stallions, are seriously endangered by the constant bombardment of the city during the final days of the World War II.
When the allies's attacks began, he had asked the Nazi Government to move the School out of Vienna but his petition had been denied.
Terribly concerned about his beloved horses under increasing bombardment, Colonel Podhajsky once more time asks for a permission to evacuate the School immediately but his request is also denied once more time.
Desperate, he looks for the help of friend General Tellheim (Curt Jurgens) who, although reluctant at first, signs an order permitting Podhajsky and his chief rider, Otto (Eddie Albert) to take the white stallions out of the School transporting them to a secure place...

(Continuation from clip I)

Finally Colonel Podhajsky along with his wife Vedena (Lilli Palmer),and his white stallions gets to escape from Vienna taking refuge at old castle belonging to friend the Countess Arco-Valley, St. Martin.
But the permanency and continuity of the School is still in danger.
The Lipizzaner mares are in Czechoslovakia, where Russians have not come yet.
When American Army arrives at the city, Colonel asks the Americans for protection, for the Spanish Riding School, and help to rescue Lipizzan mares but...

Note: The Lipizzaner Stallions exhibitions showed in this Walt Disney's production, were choreographed by the real Colonel Alios Podhajsky himself.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Elvis - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear!

Had to repeat this, as posted today on Sir Woodstock's World.
It seems romance still lives on in my household, even if it is between two Teddy Bears, separated by an ocean!
From a letter sent to him by Miss Rosie, via Karla & 'Cousin' Miss Peach>(^:^)<

"Hello Sir Woodstock...
Ummm excuse my boldness but I wanted you to hear this song...
I hope you enjoy it.
I look forward to Miss Peach's wedding this autumn where you will escort me to my chair.
Respectfully yours,
Miss Rosie"

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

White Horses, Snowy White Horses!

Although not the worlds greatest horse lover, I much prefer donkeys, I do remember from my childhood, this series shown on BBC television in the 1960's & then again in the Seventies.
'The White Horses', a Yugoslav/German co-production, shot in black & white in Slovenia in 1965, and dubbed into English, followed the adventures of 15-year-old Julia who leaves Belgrade to spend a holiday with her uncle on his Lipizzaner stud farm.
But is is, the programmes theme song 'White Horses' sung by Irish singer Jacky that has stayed firmly with me across the years, perhaps because of that dream of escapism it offers!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Elvis - Moody Blue!

It was 32 years ago yesterday since the 'King of Rock & Roll' died - Wilma reminded me!
I have special memories of 'It's Now or Never' relating to an affair on the Isle of Man in 1975.
I was 21 and fell in love for the very first time.
But, this is my all time favourite Elvis song as it is me to T, especially @ the moment...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Walk on the Wild Side - Alan!

This is the BBC TV's new wildlife series combining animation, comedy & stunning natural history footage.
It was aired for the first time last night & this extract was used as the programmes 'Trailer'!
To me it was a show highlight, that made me LOL!
Perhaps, because Little Buddy & I spotted our first Marmots just outside Kelowna on our BC Road Trip this April!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Happy Barkday Jackson!

My favourite present day Wire Fox Terrier Jackson is called after this favourite Jonny Cash song.
It's now five years since his J's brought him home from WFT Rescue & named him so.
And, as his true date of birth is not known, they decided his barkday should be today!

Friday, 14 August 2009

'Now Voyager'

This classic 1942 B&W movie starring Bette Davis & Paul Henreid is a favourite tear jerker.
It's a meladrama, often slated as a sentimental 'woman's picture'.
However, Bette Davis is superb - those eyes!
The story, based on the 1941 novel by Olive Higgins Prouty, goes like this.
Dowdy, dutiful daughter Charlotte [Bette Davis]...After a nervous breakdown caused by her dommineering mother, goes on a criuse & falls for doe-eyed, unhappily married architect Jerry [Paul Henreid] & under goes a remarkable transformation.
Never has smoking looked so glamorous/sexy as, when Jerry lights two cigarettes & passes one to Charlotte...Their love can never be, but she finds solice in helping his troubled daughter Tina.

The final scene's words 'Don't let's ask for the moon Jerry, we have the stars' are unforgetable.
At which point, I weep every time, perhaps because when ever Little Buddy & I are together we always look @ the stars!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A Bob T Bear, Esq Production - Wasps & Chutney!

The creativity of Bob T Bear, Esq 's mummy Helena never ceases to astound me.
And, you just have to love Bob!
Well, Sir Woodstock & I do for sure...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

'Red Roses for Blue Lady'!

Sent to me by dear friend Karla & darling 'Cousin' Miss Peach, saying:-
"We are thinking about you at the cozy cottage....
Our wish is that this would have come from LB and that he would have been back for the white orchid."

Monday, 3 August 2009

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid!

This was originally posted on an older blog but have had to revise the video's due to copywrite withdrawal!

I have many favourite films, all of which will probably make an appearance here, but today's the turn of my all time favourite Western.
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid", made in 1969, staring two favourite actors, Paul Newman as Butch - his death last year saddened me; and Robert Redford as Sundance; has never lost it's appeal, partly because they inter-acted so well together
And, I've lost track of the number of times I've seen the film in the cinema, on TV or on my own well played DVD.
I couldn't possibly write a better review than the one I read HERE.
I've found the two extracts from the movie about two charming, loveable bank robbers & their escapades for a nostalgic fix.
The song "Rain drops keep fallin", frequently runs through my head & the bike scene with Butch & Sundance's girlfriend Etta [Katherine Ross] is a very favourite one..

And, the finalle sequence, I always want to to end differently & it still brings a tear to my eye when it of course doesn't...

Original Comments:-

B. Roan said...
Now this is one of my favorites, too! I saw this movie the first day it was released. Since then, I've seen it way too many times to count. I actually shed a few tears when I heard about the death of Paul Newman. He was a gem. It is obvious in this movie and The Sting that these two were good friends in real life. I can't hear Raindrops without thinking of this movie. I don't have time to watch all the videos this morning, but will be back later to enjoy. BJ
09 October 2008 13:13

nonizamboni said...
Oh wow, what a memory. I fell head over heels on Paul Newman when he was riding that bicycle! Thanks for a lovely, sad, reminder.
09 October 2008 14:03

Nydia said...
I simply love this film!!!! Can you believe my huband hasn't watched it yet??? I've talking about it with him, since Paul Newman passed away (such a charming and talented man...), that it's a must! Loved it.Kisses from Nydia.
09 October 2008 15:33

Agatha and Archie said...
Ah..Pl2 LOVED thi smovie and saw it a gazillion times..She was very very sad when he died too.Love A+A
09 October 2008 19:57

Maggie and Mitch said...
This movie is one of mom and dad's favorites too! It's one of the BEST!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch
10 October 2008 00:35

Fairy Mae said...
Oh...I havent watched that movie in ages!!! What a great Fave thing.
10 October 2008 16:23