Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam" ft. Louis Armstrong - What A Wo...

Taken from a friends FB page :-
"Depression is NOT a choice. It's a disease. Maybe Robin Williams will be our saviour. Maybe his death will be our voice. Yes, you leave behind those who grieve but you have no idea the private hell people with depression have. Each one is different. Each one fights alone help or no help. Drugs mask but never cure. Doctors give advice but never cure. People with depression have to be stronger mentally and sometimes you just get tired of the mental fight. Because it never stops. You're awake you fight. You're asleep you fight. It's never done. I would take the physical punishment over the mental punishment because mental never shuts down. Ever. So do not tell me it's a choice because it's not. Sheesh."

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